Stimson Open Online Course: Nuclear South Asia

Nuclear South Asia: A Guide to India, Pakistan, and the Bomb is the Stimson Center’s inaugural open online course. This unique course seeks to provide an interactive and dynamic space where strategic analysts in India, Pakistan, and elsewhere can study and assess nuclear dangers on the subcontinent. Click here for step-by-step enrollment instructions.

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Nuclear South Asia is the most comprehensive course of its kind, consisting of filmed interviews with over 70 practitioners and scholars from India, Pakistan, and the United States. Click here for a full list of lecturers who appear in the course.

Nuclear South Asia addresses: nuclear debates and theory; South Asia’s nuclear history; nuclear policies and postures in India and Pakistan, South Asia’s place in the global nuclear order; nuclear crises on the subcontinent; confidence-building and nuclear-risk reduction measures; and South Asia’s nuclear future. The course also includes recommended readings, multiple-choice questions, and other student resources, such as access to Stimson online events.

Students who enroll in Nuclear South Asia on Udemy, watch all the video lectures in Sections 1-7, and complete additional requirements will be eligible for a Stimson-issued certificate.

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