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Beenish Pervaiz

Beenish Pervaiz

Pervaiz is a PhD student in Political Science at Brown University interested in international relations and comparative politics. She holds a Master's degree from Stanford University in International Policy Studies (with a concentration in international security) and has completed her undergraduate studies in Economics and Political Science from Lahore University of Management Sciences. She has most recently served as a program associate for Nuclear Threat Initiative where she implemented and coordinated NTI's efforts to reduce global biological threats and conduct CBRN threat management. She has worked with multiple international organizations that deal with security policy including the CTBT Youth Group, the UN Secretariat in the Department of Field Support and as a regional manager for Global Zero in South Asia. Her other relevant research experience includes being an RA for Professor Scott Sagan and Professor Martha Crenshaw and doing an independent study under Dr. Megan Palmer on issues including WMD threat reduction and international norm making. She is interested in exploring how global norms around emerging technologies, WMD threats and especially nuclear security can be developed to mitigate risk especially in countries with vulnerable threat landscapes including South Asia.

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