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Meena Yakobi

Meena Yakobi

Meena Yakobi is a recent International Relations graduate from the University of Birmingham, UK. Prior to moving to the UK in late 2004, her family moved to Quetta, Pakistan due to a ceaseless ethnic persecution in Afghanistan. Having had her fair share of the impact that war has upon states and citizens’, the study of conflict, state-building and migration have been of significant importance. Belonging to one of the most persecuted ethnic groups herself, the Hazaras, voicing her people’s grievances and cheering their resilience through writing and social engagement is an objective to which she dedicates herself. Having finished her degree, Meena wishes to work alongside humanitarian organizations focused on refugee support.

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Hazaras in Afghanistan Face Genocide post-U.S. Withdrawal

In May 2021, three explosions at Sayed-ul Shuhada high school,…