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Rahul Lad

Rahul Lad

Dr. Rahul M. Lad holds a position as an Assistant Professor in the Geography Department at Sir Parshurambhau College in Pune, India. His academic journey culminated in a Doctorate focused on the "Geostrategic Assessment of Transboundary River Water Sharing in the South Asia Region." Beyond academia, he has contributed to the intellectual discourse as a fellow of the prestigious Bangalore-based think tank, The Takshashila Institution, for 2023-24. Within Takshashila, he served as a Network for Advanced Study of Pakistan (NASP) Fellow, benefiting from the guidance of Dr. TCA Raghavan, a distinguished former Indian Ambassador.

His scholarly insights extend beyond traditional academic circles, with his work prominently featured in esteemed international policy publications such as The Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs, London School of Economics and Political Science, The Diplomat, Global Water Forum, Modern Diplomacy, The Geopolitics, Down To Earth, and South Asia Journal. His diverse array of research interests encompasses transboundary river water sharing, South Asian studies, geopolitics, water politics concerning shared river basins, and international relations.

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