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Hamzah Rifaat

Hamzah Rifaat

Hamzah Rifaat is a talk show host/ anchor for Think Tech Hawaii, a nonprofit media platform dedicated to raising awareness through civic engagement based on Honolulu. Perviously, he served as an anchor for Indus News in Islamabad, Pakistan. He has years of broadcasting experience.

Hamzah is a gold medalist with a Master of Philosophy degree in the discipline of peace and conflict studies from the National Defense University in Islamabad. He holds a diploma in World Affairs and Professional Diplomacy from the Bandaranaike Diplomatic Training Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He was a freelance writer and blogger for the Friday Times and received a CRDF scholarship to the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, where he studied nonproliferation and terrorism studies at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies. He was also a Graduate Editorial Assistant for Women's International Perspective, a global source for women's perspectives, based in Monterey.

Hamzah has also represented Pakistan as a member of the CTBTO Youth Initiative 2016. His writings encompass political and internal security issues in Pakistan and he regularly contributes for The Diplomat Magazine. Hamzah is a former SAV Visiting Fellow (January 2016).

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