Hamzah Rifaat

Hamzah Rifaat


Hamzah Rifaat is an anchor for PTV World, Pakistan's only English news channel. He is a gold medalist with a Master of Philosophy degree in the discipline of peace and conflict studies from the National Defense University in Islamabad. He holds a diploma in World Affairs and Professional Diplomacy from the Bandaranaike Diplomatic Training Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He was a freelance writer and blogger for the Friday Times and received a CRDF scholarship to the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, where he studied nonproliferation and terrorism studies at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies. He was also a Graduate Editorial Assistant for Women's International Perspective, a global source for women's perspectives, based in Monterey. He has also represented Pakistan as a member of the CTBTO Youth Initiative 2016. His writings encompass political and internal security issues in Pakistan and he regularly contributes for The Diplomat Magazine. Hamzah is a former SAV Visiting Fellow (January 2016).

Articles by Hamzah Rifaat

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Independence day this time around will arguably result in one of the largest political showdowns in Pakistan’s short democratic history, with the Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf’s […]

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Maoist Inquiry

When the news broke out about the BJP securing a clear cut majority in the Lok Sabha, an array of narratives floated in Pakistan over […]

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