Saima Aman Sial


Saima Aman Sial is a Senior Research Officer and expert in strategic issues at the Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS), Islamabad. She is a Nonproliferation Fellow from Nuclear Nonproliferation Education and Research Center (NEREC) South Korea, the Center for Nonproliferation Studies and Sandia National Laboratories, USA. She has previously worked as Research Coordinator in the Centre for Pakistan and Gulf Studies, Senior Research Associate in Strategic Technology Resources and with Pakistan’s Strategic Plans Division as an Assistant Director – Research in its Arms Control and Disarmament Affairs Directorate for some years. Saima has an M.Phil. in Strategic Studies from National Defence University, Islamabad. She was an SAV Visiting Fellow in January 2017.

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भारत की न्यूक्लियर क्रूज मिसाइल निर्भय पर चर्चा

देबालिना घोशाल केवल समय पर परीक्षण करने से ही परमाणु अस्त्रों की संचालन क्षमता सुनिश्चित की जा सकती है। चूंकि परमाणु प्रतिरोध देश की परमाणु क्षमताओं की धारणाओं […]

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