Deterrence in Southern Asia

Strategic Learning

Deterrence in Southern Asia is a free, open online course produced by the South Asia Program at the Stimson Center. The course provides the emerging generation of strategic analysts in India, Pakistan, and elsewhere a platform to study nuclear competition and dangers on the Subcontinent.

Deterrence in Southern Asia is the most comprehensive and diverse collection of perspectives regarding India and Pakistan’s nuclear trajectories available online. It includes video interviews with more than 80 leading practitioners and scholars from India, Pakistan, China, and the United States, including former senior diplomats and military officers.

Deterrence in Southern Asia and the Strategic Learning Initiative’s inaugural course, Strategic South Asia, address: nuclear history; nuclear policies and postures; the global nuclear order; nuclear crises and crisis management; confidence-building and nuclear-risk reduction measures; and the future of “nuclear South Asia.” The course includes 8.5 hours of video content plus multiple-choice questions, recommended readings, and the option to earn a Stimson-issued certificate.

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