U.S. Presidential Election 2020

The U.S. Presidential Election, held on November 3, 2020, holds significant implications for the United States, both domestically and in how it engages with the world. The South Asia region is no exception to this rule. Onlookers see a President Donald Trump victory as likely continuity: an “America First” doctrine that rejects international institutions, favors close ties with India, and seeks to balance China’s influence in the region. A victory for former Vice President Joe Biden would likely see the United States pursue a more moderated policy, with a greater emphasis on diplomacy and balancing China through more multilateral means.

In this series, SAV contributors from Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan discuss how the election outcome may affect U.S. relations with their respective countries. They note its implications for the ongoing peace process in Afghanistan—in light of decades of U.S. involvement therein, the emerging significance of the Indian-American electorate, and the future of U.S.-Pakistan cooperation on security issues.


Image: Emma Kaden via Flickr