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Obaidullah Baheer

Obaidullah Baheer

Obaidullah Baheer is an Adjunct Lecturer at the American University in Afghanistan and has an MA in international relations from the University of New South Wales, Australia. He is pursuing his PhD in Politics at the New School in New York.

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طالبان میں دراڑ Hindi & Urdu

طالبان میں دراڑ

حالیہ رپورٹیں طالبان قیادت کے مابین گہری پڑتی تقسیم کا…

The Taliban Rift Domestic Politics

The Taliban Rift

Recent reports signal deepening divides within Taliban leadership. While tensions…

Losing the Narrative War in Afghanistan Domestic Politics

Losing the Narrative War in Afghanistan

With the U.S. withdrawal and rapid advances by the Taliban,…