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Zhang Li

Zhang Li

Zhang Li is a professor of international relations at the Institute of South Asia Studies, Sichuan University of China. His expertise covers China’s neighborhood diplomacy, China-South Asia/Central Asia strategic links, China-India relations, international terrorism, and Asia-Pacific security and conflict prevention. He holds a PhD in history and has, as a visiting fellow/non-resident scholar, been affiliated with several leading research institutes, including the Stimson Center (US), St. Antony’s College, Oxford University (UK), School of International Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University (India), The Institute for Security and Development Policy (Sweden) and Centre of Asian Studies, the University of Hong Kong. He writes in both English and Chinese and authors several books and many journal articles/book chapters. Recent publications (in English) include: To Manage Conflict in South Asia: China’s Stakes, Perceptions and Inputs (ISBN: 978-91-85937-70-7); China-India Relations: Strategic Engagement and Challenges (ISBN: 978-2-86592-774-6); China’s Concern over the Indo-Pakistani Rivalry and Sino-Indian Relations; Indian Ocean: Challenges and Prospects for Transformation of as a Zone of Peace and Prosperity; Security Implications of a Stable Afghanistan for China; China Paper: Trade, Transport and Security in Greater Central Asia; China-India-U.S. Encounters in Asia-Pacific: Implications for East Asian Regionalism; Regional Ramifications of India’s Rise: Perspective from China; U.S. Pivot to Asia-Pacific and India’s Choices; China-India Strategic Nexus: Geopolitical Uncertainty vs. Confidence Building; China and the Kashmir Knot; Building Mutual Confidence Between China and India: Nuclear Dimensions; and The Indo-Pacific Shadow in China-India Relations.

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