In The Indian Express, Praveen Swami writes on Indian policy and escalation along the Line of Control, terming it “shooting ourselves in the foot:”

“Experience and government statistics show that machismo has never worked as a plan against Pakistan….

Firing on the LoC helps Pakistan pursue an escalatory strategy; quiet makes it harder. In 2003, the ceasefire went into place — and with it, India was able to complete fencing and enhance aggressive counter-infiltration measures….

Modi has many coercive options: threatening full-blown war, as PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee did; engaging in limited skirmishes targeting the Pakistan army on the LoC, to punish it militarily; air-strikes against jihadi camps; even assassinating top jihadi leaders inside Pakistan, as Afghanistan and the US now do.

Each of these problems, though, comes with very substantial risks…. How to resolve this conundrum isn’t obvious — which is precisely why so many governments have struggled, unsuccessfully, with the same problem. Modi may well succeed where others didn’t, but it won’t be with showy, made-for-television fireworks on the Line of Control.”

You can read his full article here – what are your thoughts?


Image: Paula Bronstein-Getty Images News, Getty

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