The Subcontinental Podcast- Episode 3 – Dr. Stephen Cohen

This episode of The Subcontinental features guest Professor Stephen Cohen, a senior fellow in the Foreign Policy program at The Brookings Institution. He joined Brookings after a career as a Professor of political science and history at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Professor Cohen joins Host Dr. Sameer Lalwani to discuss a number of contemporary issues on the subcontinent including: civil-military relations, U.S.-Pakistan relations, U.S.-India defense cooperation, and Chinese regional expansion. Professor Cohen also answers questions about his newly released bookThe South Asia Papers: A Critical Anthology of Writings by Stephen Philip Cohen. Questions submitted by listeners on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #SAVPodcast are also featured!

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Posted in , China, Civil-Military Relations, Defence

SAV editorial staff

SAV editorial staff

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