Arka Biswas

Shaheen III and Deterrence Stability in South Asia

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  Pakistan recently test-fired a surface-to-surface ballistic missile, Shaheen III. Capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, the missile is estimated to have a maximum range of 2750 km. While it has been claimed to provide a boost to Pakistan’s strategic depth and to deterrence stability in South Asia, a careful examination of how Shaheen III

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Mian Zahid Hussain

Dealing with Iran’s Nuclear Ambition: Rat or Rattlesnake?

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  If you press a spring hard, it bounces back with equal but opposite force. Such is the case with the current U.S.-Iran relationship. The harder the U.S. presses Iran, the harder Iran reacts in pursuit of its nuclear weapons program. In a situation like this, a possible solution is to change the direction of

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Tridivesh Singh Maini

China-Pakistan-India Economic Trilateral: A Realistic Proposition or Pipe Dream?

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  In recent years, China’s economic engagement with India has substantially increased. Provinces in China and states in India have become important stakeholders in this process. Recently, there have been efforts by the state of Punjab in India to reach out to China, seeking investment and cooperation in the sphere of agriculture. In November 2014,

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Faiqa Mahmood

Pakistan and the Nuclear Humanitarian Initiative: Policy vs Posture

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Much attention has been paid to Pakistan’s participation at the Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, a growing international movement that calls for disarmament and a complete ban on nuclear weapons. Does Pakistan’s participation in the conferences signal a willingness to consider a ban on nuclear weapons, and eventual disarmament? In light of

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Beenish Altaf

Efficacy of Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime

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  Nuclear weapons and international non-proliferation efforts emerged almost simultaneously in the mid-twentieth century, highlighting a tension towards two different approaches of advancing and reversing the nuclear proliferation that continues until today. The central dangers to international security related to nuclear technology are vertical proliferation, horizontal proliferation, non- government proliferation, nuclear terrorism, etc. Although these

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