Farhan Hanif Siddiqi

Bringing Balochistan Back In

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  Three developments of importance emanated out of Balochistan in August 2015. First, four hundred Baloch nationalist-separatists surrendered and laid down their arms in a ceremony that was part of Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations on August 14 in Quetta. Second, news circulated in local dailies of the alleged death of perhaps the most hardened nationalist-separatist

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Arooj Naveed

Pakistan’s National Action Plan: What it Holds, and What it can Pursue

in Pakistan, Policy, Security

  A state’s national action plan formulates policy direction, impacting national, regional and international politics. This is true for Pakistan’s National Action Plan (NAP) for countering terrorism. Events determine the course of action, and provide an opportunity for focused effort. The event which proved to be a turning point and shaped this 20-point plan was

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Amina Afzal

The P-5’s Burden: Discrimination, Ethics, Morality, and Nuclear Weapons

in India, Negotiations, Nonproliferation, NPT, NSG, Nuclear, Nuclear Weapons, Pakistan, US, USSR • 6 Responses

Keep increasing the earth’s burden, And through it all maintain That you are the NPT’s agent. That’s your claim to fame. And, should your own actions Come back to haunt you one day, Retort that only some nukes are okay.  *** “I am never to act otherwise than so that I could also will that

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Zainab Ahmed

Iran Nuclear Deal: Prospects for Regional Trade

in Cooperation, India, Iran, Negotiations, Nuclear, Nuclear Weapons, Pakistan, Security, Trade • 2 Responses

  “[The agreement would] open the way to a new chapter in international relations.” -Federica Mogherini, EU’s Foreign Policy Chief Iran’s relations with the West, and with the United States in particular, have been sour since the Iranian Revolution and subsequent installation of a theocratic regime in Tehran.  Thus, the Iran nuclear deal, formally known

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Sulman Ali

South Asian Politics: Dilemma of Trust and Mistrust

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  South Asia, a highly significant region for international politics, remains grounds for political trust and mistrust.  Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan have a grave trust deficit amongst themselves. Despite being immediate neighbors, having a shared history, and sharing numerous cultural norms, the trust gulf is quite wide. Dynamic global and regional politics have further widened

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