Amina Afzal

South Asian Nuclear Politics Revisited

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In his 2009 Forbes Magazine article titled “Five Reasons Why India Can’t Do A Gaza on Pakistan”, Tunku Varadarajan notes, “India does not because it cannot.” The article sought to answer the queries of the author’s numerous American and Indian friends who wanted to know why Pakistan was not being taught a lesson the same

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Tridivesh Singh Maini

Limits of Rapprochement — Foreign Secretary Talks Cancelled

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The cancellation of foreign secretary level talks between India and Pakistan, which were to be held on August 25, was not totally unexpected. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has so far refrained from making belligerent statements against Pakistan, except during his visit to Kargil last week, where he stated that Pakistan has lost the capacity

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Julia Thompson

Voices this Week – The Azadi March and Political Opposition in Pakistan

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Voices this Week draws together published material on an important strategic issue in South Asia.  This week: the Azadi March and the history of political opposition in Pakistan. Mariam Mufti offers an account of the historical role of the opposition in Pakistan. She highlights a number of important trends, examining five periods since 1970, “the Bhutto years,”

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Hamzah Rifaat

Political Suicide?

in Elections, leadership, Pakistan, Politics

Independence day this time around will arguably result in one of the largest political showdowns in Pakistan’s short democratic history, with the Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf’s rallying cry for electoral reform being pitted up against the ruling Pakistan Muslim League, where the latter continues to promise economic stability and an end to the lingering energy crisis.

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Julia Thompson

The India-U.S. Strategic Relationship

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Voices this Week draws together published material on an important strategic issue in South Asia.  This week, in the wake of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to New Delhi for the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue: the India-U.S. Strategic Relationship. Michael Kugelman offers “3 Reasons for John Kerry to Be in India While the Rest of the World

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