Julia Thompson

Quote of the Week: “Shooting ourselves in the foot”

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In The Indian Express, Praveen Swami writes on Indian policy and escalation along the Line of Control, terming it “shooting ourselves in the foot:” “Experience and government statistics show that machismo has never worked as a plan against Pakistan…. Firing on the LoC helps Pakistan pursue an escalatory strategy; quiet makes it harder. In 2003,

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Aditi Malhotra

India’s Changing Pakistan Policy

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The ongoing episode of ceasefire violations along the Line of Control (LoC), continuous firings and the unfortunate cases of civilian deaths on both sides, points to the challenge South Asia is facing today. It is important to highlight the issues that make this event relatively different from the previous incidents along the LoC or the

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Muhammad Jawad Hashmi

Go Nawaz Go

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Amid political turmoil in Pakistan – where the public is chanting “GO Nawaz Go” while dreaming of so-called revolution – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s speech at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly proved to be a soothing factor in domestic affairs. The Prime Minister’s leadership has been brutally criticized by the mainstream political

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Julia Thompson

Quote of the Week: “Peace: A good idea that nobody wants”

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As tensions along the Line of Control continue, Badar Iqbal Chaudhary writes in Dawn on Pakistan-India peace: a good idea that nobody wants:” “Unfortunately, [peace] is a good idea that nobody wants. There are few buyers and even fewer sellers of it… The politicians of the two countries appear to not want it because war

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Arka Biswas

Deconstructing Pakistan’s Command and Control – Tactical Nuclear Weapons

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Development and production of tactical nuclear weapons (TNWs) by Pakistan has increased the level of tensions in South Asia. Experts from around the world have been recognizing and highlighting the risks that come along with the introduction of TNWs. The difficulties that the United States and the former Soviet Union faced in managing these weapons have been well-established.

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