Yogesh Joshi

India’s Quest for a Nuclear Submarine

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In July 2009, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh unveiled India’s first nuclear submarine, INS Arihant, catapulting it into a select group of countries possessing naval nuclear propulsion. Though the nuclear submarine project picked up pace in the aftermath of the 1998 nuclear weapons tests and inclusion of sea based assets in India’s nuclear force projection capabilities

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Faiqa Mahmood

Despite the Current Tensions on the India-Pakistan Border, a ‘Cold Peace’ Will Prevail

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Recent days have seen the worst fighting between India and Pakistan in over a decade, but there is reason to believe that the heightened tension in Kashmir will most likely subside in the coming weeks. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was harshly criticized by his opponents when he brushed off a question regarding the skirmishes with

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Seharish Ajmal

Social Engineering Attacks in Pakistan

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Have you ever received an email from one of your friends containing a link or a download (pictures, music, movie, and document) and because it is from your friend and you trust him/her you are curious to click it? Or, an email from a company or bank you trust, for verifying the information by clicking

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Julia Thompson

Quote of the Week: “Shooting ourselves in the foot”

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In The Indian Express, Praveen Swami writes on Indian policy and escalation along the Line of Control, terming it “shooting ourselves in the foot:” “Experience and government statistics show that machismo has never worked as a plan against Pakistan…. Firing on the LoC helps Pakistan pursue an escalatory strategy; quiet makes it harder. In 2003,

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Aditi Malhotra

India’s Changing Pakistan Policy

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The ongoing episode of ceasefire violations along the Line of Control (LoC), continuous firings and the unfortunate cases of civilian deaths on both sides, points to the challenge South Asia is facing today. It is important to highlight the issues that make this event relatively different from the previous incidents along the LoC or the

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