Usman Ali Khan

“Pakistan’s Race to Build Tiny Nukes”: The Viewpoint from Pakistan

in Fissile Material, India, India-Pakistan Relations, Nuclear Weapons, Pakistan

  “If the adversary feels that you are unpredictable, even rash, he will be deterred from pressing you too far. The odds that he will fold increase greatly, and the unpredictable president will win another hand .”                                    

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Robin Sharma

Nepal Crisis: Was India’s Hand Required?

in Crisis, Foreign Policy, India, Nepal

  Once again, Nepal is at a crossroads. After more than a half-century long struggle, the Nepalese have finally adopted their first democratic constitution. However, contrary to people’s hopes, it has further deepened polarization between the Pahadis, people from the hills, and Madhesis, people from the southern plains. The Madhesis are upset over their demands

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Tridivesh Singh Maini

Saudi-Iran Schisms: Why India Must Take Note

in Foreign Policy, India, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Trade

  Recent developments in the Middle East, such as removal of Western sanctions against Tehran and the flare up of Iran-Saudi tensions due to the Saudi hanging of a Shia cleric, are likely to have a strong impact on geopolitics in South Asia. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has already visited both Iran and Saudi Arabia to

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Sana Ali

Charsadda and the Neglected National Action Plan

in Internal Security, Militancy, Pakistan, Terrorism

  The Islamic tradition of the barsi, or death anniversary, serves a dual purpose in Pakistan’s counterterrorism war.  For one, it allows for the grief that has been suppressed to rise, and push for renewal of the commitments against terrorism. Secondly, it gives a country navigating multiple internal and external challenges the chance to mark

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Muhammad Daim Fazil

What Stands in CPEC’s Way?

in China, Development, Economy, Internal Security, Kashmir, Pakistan, Terrorism • 3 Responses

When Chinese President Xi Jinping unveiled the blueprint for the mammoth $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project last year, Pakistan was understandably pleased. The Pakistani government considers the project a “game changer for the region.” This exhilaration partly stems from Pakistan’s wobbly economic performance in recent years, as GDP and other financial targets have not been

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