Aditi Malhotra

India’s Nuclear Deterrent: A desire for Immunity

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“While Pakistan’s nuclear deterrent is for security, India’s is for status.” As soon as I read these words, I wondered if the terms ‘security’ and ‘status’ are mutually exclusive when understanding South Asia’s nuclear deterrent. Also, if ‘security’ is the right term to use for the Indian context. Scholars, including my co-blogger Amina Afzal at

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Sulman Ali

US Security Interests in South Asia: Relations with Pakistan and India

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Significance of National Security In the twentieth century, states faced two world wars that crumpled the economies and infrastructure of the involved parties. After World War II, the United States and the USSR emerged as two super powers in international affairs. Both knew that a strong security and defensive power would give them the upper

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Deepanshu Mohan

Revisiting History: The Macroeconomics of ‘Oil Prices’ and ‘Economic Shocks’

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The world today is in the middle of another grave energy crisis percolating in the OPEC nations and spilling over to rest of the world in respect to oil—the 21st Century’s most significant tradable natural resource. Bent crude oil prices have now dropped below $50, the sharpest fall seen in over a decade. While the

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Hamzah Rifaat

Oh terror! Oh States in denial! Oh Happy New Year …

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First of all, Happy New Year everyone! I spent my New Year’s Eve in gloom though, where I was accompanied with the horrific realities of the Peshawar massacre as the news unfolded a thousand miles away. I have developed an infatuation for seagulls, the Fisherman’s Wharf, and sea lions here in Monterey, CA, but in

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Farhan Hanif Siddiqi

Peace between India and Pakistan: A few conjectures

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After an initial spurt in 2013, when the PML (N) was voted into power and in 2014 when the BJP assumed control of government, relations between India and Pakistan (which since 2008 have been at a low) have after a short period of optimism once again nosedived. In recent months, border skirmishes have taken place with

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