Julia Thompson

The India-U.S. Strategic Relationship

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Voices this Week draws together published material on an important strategic issue in South Asia.  This week, in the wake of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to New Delhi for the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue: the India-U.S. Strategic Relationship. Michael Kugelman offers “3 Reasons for John Kerry to Be in India While the Rest of the World

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Muhammad Sadiq

Nuclear Romanticism in South Asia

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The Cold War period, especially the 1950s and early 1960s, is the best fit to explain an “action-reaction syndrome” where both the US and USSR engaged in a grave nuclear arms race — ostensibly to deter any aggression from the other. But underneath there were several factors that underpinned this peculiar behavior—fantasy for new weapons

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Aditi Malhotra

Nuclear Waste Management: Exploring Future Areas of India-Pakistan Cooperation

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Emerging out of a recent workshop on Deterrence Stability in South Asia organised by the Stimson Center and Carnegie, I set about identifying some prospective confidence building measures in the field of nuclear cooperation between New Delhi and Islamabad. Owing to secrecy of their nuclear programmes and understandably so, there are extremely limited nuclear-related areas

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Aryaman Bhatnagar

Mullah Omar’s Eid Message: The Main Takeaways

in Afghanistan, Elections, Internal Security, Military, Politics, Security, US

The periodic statements and warnings issued by the reclusive Afghan Taliban chief, Mullah Omar – usually around the time of Eid – always provide an insight into his thinking and the Taliban’s position on various issues. The statement issued on 25 July is no different. There has been much speculation about differences between the military

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Jayita Sarkar

Article Review: “New Delhi’s Long Nuclear Journey: How Secrecy and Institutional Roadblocks Delayed India’s Weaponization”

in History, India, Nuclear, Nuclear Weapons, Research • 1 Response

Article Review: Gaurav Kampani. “New Delhi’s Long Nuclear Journey: How Secrecy and Institutional Roadblocks Delayed India’s Weaponization,” International Security 38:4 (Spring 2014): 79-114. Gaurav Kampani examines a significant research puzzle in nuclear proliferation literature, namely, India’s slow weaponization process. Addressing the period 1989-1999, he argues that despite acquiring nuclear weapons in 1989-1990, New Delhi lacked the

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