Tridivesh Singh Maini

India-Pakistan Ties: Lessons from 27/7

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  The dastardly terrorist attack on July 27th in the border district of Gurdaspur (Punjab, India) – which took the lives of 4 policemen, 3 civilians, and 3 militants – has evoked predictable responses. Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh condemned Pakistan for the attack and warned of strong retaliation if necessary. The opposition Congress has

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Zainab Ahmed

Mounting Threat of Urban Security in South Asia

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  Asia’s urbanization is one of its defining features today. During the first decade of the twenty-first century, almost 200 million people moved to cities in Asia. As of 2010, the Asia-Pacific region was the second least urbanized region in the world but had the second fastest urban population growth rate at 2% a year.

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Arooj Naveed

An Analysis of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

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  Pakistan and China have long-established diplomatic and military ties and are now entering an epoch of developing an economic relationship with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Their partnership has established an example for the world of how states with geographical proximity but differing political, social, economic, and ideological values can establish a cooperative bilateral

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Zainab Ahmed

Energy Crisis in South Asia: A Matter of Regional Cooperation

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  Energy is integral to the economy of every state today. The growing global population has immensely increased the demand for energy resources. South Asia was estimated in 2014 to have a population of 1.7 billion and a GDP of $2.6 trillion. It is expected that 3 billion people will join the global middle class

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Deepanshu Mohan

International Financial Institutions Facing a Credibility Crisis

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  The last few months in Europe have put economic historians, economists, and political economists back in business – especially those fascinated by studying financial crises. The focus now seems to be on gauging the politico-economic crisis unfolding after an intense round of negotiations between a debt-ridden Greece and its creditors (including Germany). However, the

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