India-China: 70 Years of Diplomatic Relations

This year, China and India are set to celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations. In the past seven decades, the two most populous nations have experienced substantial economic growth, significant advancements in military modernization, and become major actors on the world stage. Bilateral relations meanwhile have been marked by periods of antagonism and rapprochement, with bilateral trade nearing USD $100 billion in 2018 even as flare ups continue along the miles of unresolved border and strategic competition increasingly enters the Indian Ocean Region.

In this series, SAV contributors look back at the past 70 years of India-China relations and discuss economic cooperation, maritime competition, gaps in military capabilities, each country’s respective threat assessments in public discourse, as well as Pakistan’s perspective of Sino-Indian ties. Contributors analyze not only where India-China relations have been, but what the trajectory of their relationship holds for strategic, economic, and political stability for South Asia in the future.