As tensions along the Line of Control continue, Badar Iqbal Chaudhary writes in Dawn on Pakistan-India peace: a good idea that nobody wants:”

“Unfortunately, [peace] is a good idea that nobody wants. There are few buyers and even fewer sellers of it… The politicians of the two countries appear to not want it because war is a good rallying point… The degree of the desire for peace in the two armies is also hard to assess what with their bread and butter linked to an ever-present enemy… The people are the victim of propaganda; the media, a hostage to popular public opinion. It is a never-ending rut where the second suckles off the first and then feeds it right back to the first. War and strife are a selling story, which brings ratings… How do we ever achieve peace in the region then, especially when no stakeholders want it? Where do we start?”

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Image: Asit Kumar-AFP, Getty

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