Remembering Brig. Gurmeet Kanwal – Michael Krepon

One is obliged to speak of Brigadier Gurmeet Kanwal in the present tense. His passing from this earthly plane is noted, his physical burdens relieved after a prolonged campaign. Still, he remains with us. He continues to be our companion, he continues to challenge our assumptions, and he continues to connect at a human level. For this we are grateful. He loves to joust intellectually. The pen is his sword. He holds fast to a strain of strategic analysis of honorable, if contestable, heritage. He represents a hyper-realism that requires counterarguments but not dismissal. He leaves us with the legacy of his written work, for which we are also grateful. And his commitment to being in the arena where ideas clash without impairing the human connection.

Thank you, Gurmeet. I am grateful to you, and thank you for speaking to Stimson Center audiences.

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Michael Krepon

Michael Krepon co-founded the Stimson Center in 1989. He served as Stimson’s President and CEO until 2000. He was appointed the University of Virginia’s Diplomat Scholar, where he taught from 2001-2010. He is the author and editor of twenty-two books, most recently Off Ramps from Confrontation in Southern Asia and The Lure and Pitfalls of MIRVs: From the First to the Second Nuclear Age. He worked previously at the Carnegie Endowment, the State Department’s Arms Control and Disarmament Agency during the Carter Administration, and on Capitol Hill. He received the Carnegie Endowment’s award for lifetime achievement in non-governmental work to reduce nuclear dangers in 2015.

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