The Subcontinental Podcast- Episode 4 – Salman Ahmad

This episode of The Subcontinental features guest Salman Ahmad, the founder of Pakistani rock band Junoon. Salman and his wife, Samina, run the Salman & Samina Global Wellness Initiative (SSGWI), dedicated to increasing understanding, cooperation and mutual enrichment among cultures. He recently produced the film Open Your Eyes, a documentary about love and life in Nepal, and is the author of Rock & Roll Jihad: A Muslim Rock Star’s Revolution. 

Salman joins Host Dr. Sameer Lalwani to discuss a number of contemporary issues on the subcontinent including: art as a bridge for building peace with India, social initiatives and domestic insecurity, and the future of Pakistan. Questions submitted by listeners on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #SAVPodcast are also featured! Plus, Salman previews the upcoming silver anniversary album of Junoon, set to come out in August! Want to hear more from Salman and Junoon? Well, Salman graciously allowed The Subcontinental to take its theme music from Junoon‘s famous “musical conversation” “Jugal Bandi”! Check out the list of links  to additional songs at the bottom of the page while you wait for the release of the #Junoon25.

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A) Ghoom Tana

B) Alvida

C) Nobel Peace Prize

D) Accountability Song Ehtesaab

E) Sayonee

F) Anthem studio version

G) Azadi

H) Jazba Junoon

I) Dil Dil / Jazba medley with Junaid Jamshed

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